A vision to enable Indian students to understand the creative science of Innovation and together plant the stem of a better and brighter future. Focused on building scientific literacy; Exstemplar’s vision is to promote Innovative and Research Based STEM Learning in India in an inclusive and accessible manner.

  • To advance STEM with increased accessibility, opportunity and awareness among students.
  • Promote change, holistic innovation and research.
  • Step foot in global student communities.
  • Broaden horizons of students.
  • Inculcate futuristic visions and assist personal, national and global development.

What is STEM?

The seeds of tomorrow are essentially the minds of the youth. In a dynamic and increasingly complex world, it's imperative that the youth are prepared and motivated to bring knowledge and skills to solve real-time problems, understand information, and know how evaluate evidence to make decisions. Practical application and the aforementioned skills are the foundation of science, technology, engineering and math—disciplines collectively known as STEM.