STEM Citizenship

Innovation is the key indicator of a country’s growth and development. Governments across the world are paying close attention to it and making efforts to inculcate and sustain the spirit of innovation in the youth.

India has been leading this space with several initiatives and giving opportunities to youth to express their creativity and become innovators and entrepreneurs.

To be able to truly make use of this opportunity and take our country to the next level, it’s imperative to spread awareness and make the students understand how they can participate and contribute to the movement.

LEAD STEM CITIZENSHIP is a program designed to work with schools, students and teachers of classes 6 to 8 to help in creating awareness and building indigenous STEM -based solutions, with a vision to nurture and develop a STEM ecosystem in the country. The program aimed to channelize young people to become aware of common community problems and think of practical STEM based solutions to situations encountered in day to day life.

It gives students of our country a platform and opportunity to become solution creators for the problems they see around them and their communities. This initiative allows the participants to gain a basic understanding of ‘Skills of the Future’ such as Design Thinking, Ideation - idea generation, Making, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) concepts, Collaboration etc.

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